Storage & Warehousing

Our storage and warehousing solution is an ideal option for businesses of all sizes, from too large corporations with multiple sites and offices, to smaller operations with a single location.

Make room in your office/commercial space or temporarily store your equipment and furniture in our short or long-term secure and clean climate-controlled storage facility. Global Office Furniture Solutions' storage and warehousing facility is easily accessible from anywhere within the Lower Mainland via the Trans-Canada and Lougheed Highways.

We recognize that adequately maintained inventory can save your company thousands of dollars in the move, add, and change (MAC) costs, considering that you make a significant investment in your furniture. We're also fully aware that many projects ship furniture directly to the project site; however, when construction delays call for a change of plans, we're equipped to offer the best solutions at our on-site storage units.

Feel confident that your products will remain safe and secure while in our position. Our facility is monitored with surveillance cameras, fire, and theft alarms, in addition to being temperature controlled to minimize environmental stress. You can count on GOFS for your inventory management services in conjunction with long-term storage, and this is what you should expect from a professional office furniture storage partner!

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